Skills: AI Art

Ask your question to Guido in the box of the web application hosted here and click submit. Guido is me, and it is also the name I gave to the system that elaborates and proposes the answer behind the scene. The system is based on a natural language processing algorithm and has learned to answer your question as I would answer, ideally with a bit of gentle irony.

What does the possibility of conversing with the artist add to the artwork and experience for the public? Is it possible to instruct an artificial intelligence algorithm to answer the questions that the public asks the artist? The convenience of having a machine capable of interacting with the public seems evident when the works are exhibited digitally online and perhaps access to a large audience. To investigate these questions, I instructed GPT3 to answer my audience’s questions for me. I was impressed by the ability of this model to generate text with whole meaning, and I was able to modify the model to answer the questions according to a configuration defined by me. So here I am asking for your queries and feedback, and quite excited to see how it goes.