Skills: Artworks

My name is Guido Salimbeni, and I was born in the city where the ladies are called Madame, but not in the French way, but so literally, where now and then the Fon blows, which is not precisely the Ponentino. Between parties and amoretti, in-depth studies and a miraculous degree in economics and commerce. Those who did not believe in it were left with an inch of their nose, and seeing them like this made me feel vagueness to portray them in caricature. Very well done and not only in my opinion. After the time of apples, good luck smiled at me with a splendid marriage, a girl who arrived on purpose from the other side of the world. And together, we proudly have two children, one playing the harp and the other not. Now and then, I teach them to draw, as Ettore Fico once did with me. I never stopped improving at drawing, trying new technologies when I could and studying techniques when I couldn’t. In short, I have a lot of fun in life and at work.