Artist’s statement

Artist’s statement

My aim is to investigate what is occurring in terms of visual perception at the interface between the analogue and digital worlds, both through process and subject. In particular, I aim to explore the potential that the incorporation of the digital brings to an artistic process, and question how it can challenge our understanding of our physical environment, by modifying perception whilst producing a new aesthetic, temporal and spatial representation within painting and printmaking.

Can the digital sphere work as an interface that produces a shift in how individuals perceive the world? Is there an identity shift or a change in spatial or temporal relationships relative to others? Are we losing the physicality of interaction as human relations expand into the virtual? If so, does this shedding of aspects of physicality present new opportunities to be, see, think and create?

In answering these questions, I am developing a process to create subject matter that presents a visual interpretation of this exploration in my paintings and prints. Currently, I am investigating feelings of ambiguity through uneasy depictions evoking sensations of loneliness, alienation and memory. I explore also the concept of the expanded mind and body through the digital and I am introducing digital virtual reality experiences as part of my practice.

My practice and research is influenced by the work of several artists working in the computational art field, such as Frieder Nake, William Latham, and Patrick Tresset, and I am intrigued by post-digital painters, for whom digital is culturally fused with their analogue processes, such as James Faure Walker, Michael Manning and Michael Staniak. I am also inspired and influenced by the work of artist/writer James Bridle and philosopher Luciano Floridi who investigate how the digital is introducing a new visual aesthetic and is changing the way we perceive the world.

Artist resume:

Guido Salimbeni is an Italian artist based in the UK. He is a contemporary painter and a 3D modeler who works with oil paints using traditional techniques, combining them with 3D printing technology, Virtual Reality application and Machine Learning. Guido is currently attending a PhD in Computational Art at the Goldsmiths University of London.

He was born in Turin, Italy. He started painting as a teenager, studying under the instruction of artist Ettore Fico ( From his mentor, Guido learned the art of being a good craftsman to become a good painter. Guido recalls the lessons with his master were focused on the correct use of the materials and the organization of the work. He continued his pupilage with Ettore for more than ten years. Following a period of working as the finance director for a gourmet food company in Alba, Italy, Guido retrained as a 3D modeler and animator. He is now painting full time. He has developed his painting style and methods over many years through experimentation and detailed observation and study of artist’s techniques and the galleries throughout Italy and Europe. Recently he has begun to experiment with the incorporation of 3D printed elements in printmaking, and new advanced digital technology including Virtual Reality Application and computational algorithm for the creative process.

He attended several fine art workshops and courses, including “Painting in Plein Air” with Marc Dalessio, “Painting the Human Figure like the Old Masters” at the Angel School in Florence and “Painting Portrait in Oil” with Adam Markovic in his Florentine studio. He completed his Masters in Fine Art at Middlesex University in London and he is currently attending a PhD in Computational Art at the Goldsmiths University of London.

Guido Salimbeni

69 Albany Road
Stoke On Trent
ST4 6QX     –   UK

E.  [email protected]
M. 0044 07342 209843

Interviews – Talks

2018 – Creative Machine 2 –  London:

2017 – Ply Gallery London:

2017 – Middlesex University Masters in Fine Art:


“Guido Salimbeni is an Italian artist based in Florence. But he is not just any painter. Guido’s skills with the brush are just as good as his skills with modern 3D modeling software, which is why Guido combines traditional oil painting with 3D printing. In this way, the Italian artist has managed to find a truly unique style of art.” I.materialise

“A vibrating quietness. Often the subject of the painting has a psychological meaning of ambiguity, mystery and complexity. The subject, the composition and the brush strokes are organized in a way to create tension in the painting. There is an image of suspension or potential motion of the subject held in place by visual forces that work in opposite directions. These visual forces changes depending on the paintings. Sometimes there is the perception of weight that pushes down against a rigid and centered composition that keeps in place. Sometimes there is a simple perspective interrupted by some unexpected and illogical overlapping elements. Sometime there is the lightness of the subject against the resolute brush strokes.” Private collector

“Visual dynamic: a sense of tension and suspension, ambiguity and mystery. A vibrating perception of a potential pulse in space or emotion, often with a subject and composition that has some level of ambiguity, mystery or complexity. There are some 3d printed elements on top of the canvas, that enhance the visual tension. These subtle 3d printed elements introduce some optical illusions in terms of unclear overlapping, distortion of depth and wider range of lighting values.” Private collector

“It is our pleasure to introduce Italian artist Guido Salimbeni. We are huge fans of Guido’s paintings, he creates work that is distinct and instantly recognizable. His style is unusual and striking, forcing us to look at his subject in a new light. His works are collected worldwide, and would look fantastic in many a setting. He works with oil paints using traditional techniques, combining them with 3D printing technology. Unique in style, Guido’s current work delicately combines elements of conceptual art with both pre-expressionism and post-impressionism; Colours and colour contrasts are key elements in his paintings. ” SiOTT Gallery – London

“Dopo aver visionato le sue opere e aver approfondito sul suo sito il suo percorso artistico,… Abbiamo trovato le sue opere molto interessanti sopratutto la serie dei bird, dove le opere sono risultate molto leggere e allo stesso tempo dal tratto deciso, ci è sembrato che gli uccellini rimanessero sospesi a volare sulla tela.” Wikiarte Art Gallery – Bologna

“While looking at one of contemporary Italian artist Guido Salimbeni’s paintings straight on, one might be inclined to think it was just a regular paint on canvas artwork, and though his pictorial talents might impress, one might simply continue walking past his work. Upon walking past it, however, the perspective of the painting might seem to suddenly change, as though parts of the seemingly 2 dimensional surface are protruding, even coming to life. This optical feat which characterizes much of Salimbeni’s beautiful artworks and which can captivate viewers, was achieved by artfully combining classical painting practices with, you guessed it, innovative 3D printing technologies.”

“La ringrazio davvero di cuore da parte mia e di tutto il board de La Scuola Italiana a Londra per l’incredibile generosità che lei ci ha dimostrato.
La serata e’ andata molto meglio degli anni scorsi e il premio che lei ci ha donato hanno raccolto 1.000 sterline.” Chiara Ghibellini – Gala Committee – Scuola Italiana a Londra

“Guido Salimbeni is an artist from Turin based in Florence. In his works he combines the excellent knowledge of painting techniques, acquired under the guidance of Ettore Fico, with computer knowledge from the digital academy studies in Florence. Then he combines the dense informal matrix brushstrokes to external elements, obtained from 3D prints. These elements capture the viewer’s gaze, guiding his glance within the picture in a pleasant sort of loop. He exhibits his work regularly since 1997 in important exhibitions gradually increasing, participating in national and international fairs and getting the attention of important art critics.” Expart Gallery Bibienna – Italy


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Press Arte Contemporanea di Silvia Landi. Pubblicato con il gruppo editoriale Espresso, attreverso GEDI April 2016 Press 3dprinting industry magazine Apr 2016  April 2016 Press Feb 2016 Press Mar 2016 Interview – Apr 2016 Interview

HAY festival event – collaboration with Paul St George – May 2015 Press

Premio nazionale Città di Alba – Apr 2005 – Award


  • Creative Machine 2 – Goldsmiths University – London – November 2018 
  • Artist in Residency – 17th Nov – 26th Nov 2017 – Bargehouse Oxo Tower London – During the NOA2017 AIR
  • Purmundus Challenge part of the FormNext Expo – Finalist – Frankfurt – November 2017
  • Hidden – Group Exhibition – Majestic Studio Art Gallery – Stoke On Trent – Oct 2017
  • MA Final Show – Middlesex University London – London Sept 2017
  • Shortlisted Artist at The National Open Art Competition – – London – August 2017
  • Old Truman Show – Group Exhibition – London June 2017
  • Ply Gallery, Hornsey Town Hall – Group Exhibition – London Mar 2017
  • Imperial College London – Trio Exhibition – London Feb 2017
  • Artrooms 2017selected artist – Melia White House – London Feb 2017
  • SiOTT Gallery – London – 2016
  • Art Gemini Prize – Shortlisted artist – Exhibition Asia House London – 22-30 Sept 2016
  • Membership KeepArt – 2016
  • CSArt – Art comunication Portal – 2016
  • – Member – 2016
  • Wikiarte Bologna – Collective Exhibition Aprile 2016 “LE STAGIONI DELL’ARTE III edizione” con Giorgio Gregorio Grasso collaboratore di Vittorio Sgarbi
  • Obernberg, Austria – collective Exhibition June 2016 (Expart Gallery)
  • La scuola italiana a Londra – Gala Event March 2016
  • Parallaxaf Art Fair Feb 2016
  • Cecil Court London – collaborative project show – June 2016
  • Art Slant Final Section Competition – 2015
  • Call for Chelsea – New York 2015
  • Arte Investimenti – via Meucci, Milano – 2015
  • HAY Festival – collaboration with Paul St. GerogeEvent May  2015
  • Artist Directory at Contemporary Art Curator – 2015/2016
  • Artisti Emergenti presso Arte Investimenti Milano – Italia 2015
  • Premio Nazionale Arte Alba città d’arte – 2° classificato – watercolor – 2005
  • Premio Nazionale Arte Alba città d’arte – 3° classificato  – digital painting- 2007
  • Vergne annual Exhibition – 2000
  • Studio 13 – Alba Cn – Mostra collettiva – 2000
  • Art School Turin – mostra collettiva – 1997
  • Cherasco  annual Exhibition – 2003
  • Angels School end of Workshops Showcases – 2009
  • La Marsiliana end of Workshops Showcases – 2010
  • Adam Markovic end of Workshops Showcases – 2013
  • Studio 13 – Alba Cn – digital art exhibition – 2001
  • Verduno annual Exhibition – 2006

2d and 3d work experience and formation resume

  • 2017 to present: PhD in Computational Art at Goldsmiths University of London
  • 2017 C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP – taught by Mosh Hamedani on Udemy
  • 2017 c# Basic for Beginners – taught by Mosh Hamedani on Udemy
  • 2016 to 2017: Master of Art in Fine Art at the Middlesex University of London
  • 2017  Artfinder
  • 2009 to present: producing and selling new artworks at his studio in Florence
  • 2016 New Teacher Center @Coursera – First Year Teaching (Secondary Grades) – Success from the Start – Course Certificate  Grade Achieved: 93,8%
  • 2016 Psychology of Popularity – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Certification @coursera – Grade Achieved: 92,2%
  • 2015 to present: member of GAI 
  • 2015 to present: non profit collaborative team producing a cartoon animated animation short movie called ZOE link to IMDb database
  • 2015 Characters for Animated Film with Daniel Arriaga, Grade A
  • 2014 to present : Collaboration at the Paul St.George Project : Slow Fiction with Hannah Rothschild, Jessie Burton and Polly Stenham
  • 2014 – Advanced Character Animation Training Workshop in feature animation “Advanced body mechanics and pantomime acting” with Jim Van Der Keyl
  • 2014 – Advanced Character Animation Training Workshop in feature animation “Body mechanics ” with Jason Anastas
  • 2013 to present : owner of 3d animation studio Working with several clients : American Story Channel, 3dPrintus Russia , Frankestein Web Agency , , Carlton Publishing, CC English School, American Softwares Works.
  • 2013 – Video production of a documentary about the history of Jews in Italy – for UCEI (Union Italian Jews Community)
  • 2013 to 2016 : owner of “Watertightmesh”, Online certification service for 3d printing – 3dprintingindustry press blog post
  • June 2013 – Puppeteer Workshop – online rigging workshop with Victor Vinalis
  • June 2011 to present: Freelance 3d artist working mainly through Turbosquid (checkmate certified) and with private clients in the advertising industry. Portfolio available at
  • February 2012 to March 2012: [3d modeling and rigging] collaboration with Diaframma advertising agency
  • January  2012: Puppeteer Lounge online workshop – Ncloth rigging – hair system in Maya for rigging
  • February – March 2012 – Cg Society Workshop – Character Facial Rigging with Judd Simantov
  • June – July 2011 – Cg Society Workshop – Python in Maya with Shaun Friedberg
  • January 2011 – September 2011 – collaboration with ExMachina S.r.l./Deltaframe  and Art curator and critic Lucia Minummo – Milan – production of 2 training dvds : “Learn from the Master : Leonardo da Vinci – “la Vergine Delle Rocce”” and “Learn from the Master: Van Gogh – “Iris”” – trailer available at here
  • September – November 2011 – Rigging Dojo online workshop for rigging and scripting in Mel and Python
  • january 2011 – Gnomon Online Course: “Polygone modeling 2” by Kevin Hudson (grade 95,4/100)
  • January – April 2011 – ZbrushWorkshop Masterclass by Ryan Kingslien
  • September 2010 – June 2011: Nemo Digital Academy Florence: Maya, Zbrush and design diploma. Academic transcript available. Specialist courses organized by the academy, including Eric Goldberg 2010, JP Vine 2010, Florian Satzinger 2010, Stephen Silver 2011 and Robin A. Linn 2011
  • March – July 2009 Course: The Art of Caricature with Jason Seiler, Grade A
  • July – October 2009 Course: Character Design by Silver, Grade A+
  • February 2008 to August 2010: Freelance caricaturist, cartoonist, illustrator and character designer, working through Xanadu agency and for private clients. Portfolio
  • 2004-2007 occasional caricaturist for Passone Events
  • 1989- 1999 private student of Turin born artist, Ettore Fico, now deceased.